Release notes 0.5.5


- Assembly workbench interaction component reapplied.

- NPC positioning of icon-rectangles containing the recipes.

- PvP enabled/disabled for players entering/leaving the area.

- Bugged terrain lightmap importer.

- Cleaning up and reload objects when connection is lost.

- Avatar customization should be visible again.

- Version update window shows VU number without IP address.


- PvP on/off indicator available on the player status window bar.

- PvP + area name are now shown on the world map.

- Free pickups are scattered around the world for continuity.

- Underground mining and necessary tools were added.

- Animations and effects added for extraction of claims.

- Redesigned Storage and Recyclotron models.

- Implemented two redesigned reviver models.

- Button on login screen to switch between window and full screen mode.

- Button on chat window to echo system date/time to evaluate the time left on claim deeds. (24 hours)