After a minor setback we are proud to present an extra large update.

Release notes 0.5.2

  • new: Refining, Component production and Assembly of items are implemented and need to be tested thoroughly
  • new: Buffered impact and footstep particles for improved performance
  • new: Some new icons where added and some others got a makeover
  • new: A message is shown in case the maximum amount of players has been reached
  • new: Full screen or window mode setting is now maintained between sessions
  • new: Team members are now shown on radar as yellow dots
  • new: The application is closed on logout

  • fixed: Items can now be switched directly after replacing an item in the active toolbar slot
  • fixed: The private chat insert bug causing people to chat in reverse speech was fun, but should be fixed

  • optimized: Code handling Weaponry particles was rewritten to prevent visual lag while moving and shooting with fast weapons
  • optimized: Network RPCs has been finetuned to be more efficient under (heavy) load
  • optimized: More efficient debug system to keep track of everything without having to dig through huge logfiles. (about 1.5 MB a day)

Without any further formalities we will leave it up to the players to figure some things out for themselves... ;)

Sneak Preview Edit

We have been receiving inquiries about the status and possible ETA for the new VU.
Even though we are not quite ready yet, we do have a teaser prepared for our dedicated fans. :)